Wealth Mindset Development

Achieve your financial freedom goals using top wealth strategies and mindset development techniques, with unlimited support.
Learn about the importance of your evolving mindset and why the real key to our success is found deep under water, as part of life’s “Success Iceberg”.


Harness the latest peak performance techniques by immersing yourself into the science of changing the mind and winning mental strategies. Achieve the athlete focus and body fitness, through an active lifestyle, balanced diet and calming exercise to filter the noise. Develop your emotional balance and optimal coherence frequency. Manage survival states like fear, anger and doubt that can paralyse our ability to make important decisions.

Transformational Coaching

Dynamic coaching offering you transformative energy and change.Goal Mapping education on how to achieve success in all key areas of your life through powerful techniques to set and realise goals. High-intensity support, built on the foundations of NLP and latest peak performance techniques.


Ron is the founder of “Intensichi”, specializing in wealth mindset development and transformational coaching. He is an active financial trading/investment mentor and life coach, building on the latest methods in Neuroscience, Coaching and Mindfulness models.

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