“Ron’s exceptional onolytkol slu’/ls ore only matched by his high·spirted enthusiasm and gracious attitude. Hes a strong communicator, active listener, and truly o pleasure to work with

Former Managing Director of Research,Fidelrty  Investment

“Fresh, innovative approach, bringing together Markets and the Mind. Improved my application of risk management

Asia-based Hedge Fund

“Ron is o natural teacher. His breadth and depth of market experience really makes the difference, both in terms of practical and ultimately successful application

Participant, Investment Sank

Ron William CFTe,NLP

Teaching isa real honour and privilege. I am a big believer in “Empuwerment Through Knowledge”, byhelping others tobuild ontheir development areas through proctkol’real-life’market experience.

It is cn’tical to learnhow toadapt, particularlyduring thisfast changing, volatile environment


  • Ron is a Market Strategist,with 20-years of experience,workingfor leadingeconomic Research &Institutional firms; produc ng macro research and trading strategies. He specializes in blended, top down, semi discret onary analysis,driven by cycles and proprietary t ming models.
  • Ron is also a Behavioural Finance Expert, Trading Psychologist & Performance Coach. He uses latest techniques in  peak-performance, neuroscience  and  mindfulness, supported  by  his  market  analysis.
  • Ron’s primary work,as part of his current institut onal market advisory firm {RWA},acquired g obal industry recognit on with multiple Finalist Awa rds for Best Specialist Research/& FX”. His market insights are also featured regularly across notable financial media programs {notably, Tech Sect or & USO Peak) and industry publicat ons {2019 Bear Market Bitcoln·Dlqital Asset Paradigm & Bond Yield Spike R sk).
  • Driven by high integrity education, Ron serves on the board of the I nterna t onal Federat on of Technical Anal vsi s.Heads the Geneva Chapter and is an honorary member of ESTA .PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATIONS

    Grounded with his practical market experience,Ron specialized as a Chartered Financial Technician (CFTe),the gold standard benchmark in the study of Behavioural F nance,Market Timing and Risk Management. He also expanded into the field of training and thestudy of neuroscience as a Master Neuro Linguist c Practitioner {NLP), where he modelled the behavioural attributes of eading traders and investors,w iththe primary aim of teaching other professionals how to develop their own path of success. Latest work in this field now indudes ongoing studies with the International Academy of Neuroscience and Education (ANE).